Welcome to the New Yoyo Chinese! πŸŽ‰

All about the brand new Yoyo Chinese and how these changes affect you and your account.
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The New Yoyo Chinese Is Here! πŸŽ‰

Yoyo Chinese got a HUGE upgrade! If you didn't know already, we've been hard at work on a brand new and much improved version of Yoyo Chinese for quite some time now - and it's finally here!

The New Lifetime Access, & You πŸ‘ˆ

One big change you'll see on the new Yoyo Chinese is that we've updated our pricing. Individual courses & levels are no longer for sale, and instead we offer one new 'full' Lifetime Access option that grants you complete access to the full Yoyo Chinese lesson library, including future content. In other words, with the new lifetime access, you don't need to worry about purchasing any new courses as they're released. You'll automatically get access to them with full lifetime access - including our upcoming Advanced Conversational Chinese course:) πŸ™Œ

Purchasing 'Courses' You Don't Already Have πŸ‘€

To access any remaining lessons on Yoyo Chinese that you haven't purchased yet and want to study: there are two possible payment options that will both get you full lifetime access to the new Yoyo Chinese and every lesson you on the site:1) One-Time PaymentA single one-time payment. No subscription fees, full access immediately.2) Subscribe & UnlockA recurring subscription that will unlock full lifetime access after 24 months of subscription no matter which plan you choose! (More details on our subscription plans)As an existing member of the site with a purchase history, paying full price for the new full lifetime access wouldn't be right so we've made sure that every member with a purchase history will be able to get a great deal on upgrading to full lifetime access that takes those purchases into account. 🀝For example, during promotional sales, all members with an existing purchase history will notice a far steeper discount offered than what we're offering our other new potential members. If you're unsure of how to upgrade at a price that makes sense with your purchase history: please reach out and we'll make sure to help you get sorted!(Don't forget to see the FAQ section at the bottom of this guide with more answers to questions about accounts with a purchase history)

What Else Is New? ✨

Quite a bit! That said, as someone familiar with the old site, you don't have to worry too much about feeling lost. :D Our goal with the update was to keep true to everything you love about the Yoyo Chinese experience while also making improvements and adding new features, and so the overall structure of the website and courses/lessons hasn't actually changed too much. Here's a short list of the improvements you can expect to see though:

  • An updated visual design (including a new dark mode!) 🎨
  • Brand new code that is not only a much smoother user experience, but will also allow us to deliver Yoyo Chinese as a downloadable mobile app for both iOS and Android very soon! πŸ“±
  • An improved lesson page experience with a more easily accessible practice section and lesson materials πŸ‘©‍🏫
  • Expanded language preferences and settings for hiding and/or showing Chinese characters, pinyin, and English throughout the site (including options like an English to Chinese flashcard practice option) 🌏
  • Improved gamification and progress tracking now with earnable experience points and daily goals to help keep you more motivatedπŸ₯‡
  • An improved discussion section that focuses in on questions and answers about language content now called "FAQ" πŸ™‹‍♂️
  • A brand new Mastery section featuring a new SRS Flashcards Mastery tool with a revamped SRS algorithm with due dates to help keep you on track πŸ‘©‍πŸŽ“

For a more complete list of the changes see this article all about the New & Updated Features on Yoyo Chinese 3.0. Of course, the best way to experience the new Yoyo Chinese is to check it out for yourself!

What's Next? πŸš€

We're only getting started though when it comes to updates and improvements. Below are some of the features and updates you can expect to see in the near future, that are already in the works: Downloadable Mobile Apps! πŸ“± As we mentioned, the new Yoyo Chinese will also be available as a downloadable mobile app in both the Apple/iOS and Google/Android app stores very soon! The new site works in your mobile browser already of course, but the downloadable mobile app will perform even better and will be the optimal way to use Yoyo Chinese on mobile. (Keep an eye out for announcements!) A NEW Course - Advanced Conversational Chinese! πŸ“š The lessons in the Advanced Conversational Chinese course are based on our Yoyo Chat series which you can already get a taste of via our YouTube channel. That's right! We're getting closer and closer to completing our new Advanced Conversational Chinese course every day!The Advanced Conversational Course is a bit special in that it features two hosts rather than one and is entirely in Chinese, with zero English language instruction. The course should provide a really satisfying and essential follow-up to the Upper Intermediate Conversational course, packed to the gills with even more advanced language instruction, this time with a specific focus on practical applications in the real world. We're really excited to share it with you all and we hope you all love it as much as we do! More Cool Mastery Features! πŸ‘¨‍πŸŽ“ Flashcards Mastery isn't the only tool coming to the Mastery section. The Mastery section will soon also include a Quiz Mastery tool that lets you review larger pools of quiz questions from the courses for an extra challenging review experience. In addition to the Flashcards and Quiz Mastery tools, we're also working on Dialogue Mastery and Audio Mastery tools, as well as a Tone Pair Drills tool dedicated entirely to mastering Chinese tones and new quizzing functionality built right into the Pinyin Chart to help you review pinyin sounds and tones too. And More! πŸš€ In addition to all of the above, we also have plans for even more fun future updates and features including the following ideas, some of which are already in progress:

  • A new Explore section featuring tons of new Chinese language content for you to enjoy
  • New Chinese language audio and text content for listening and reading practice at every difficulty level
  • Handwritten annotations on every tricky flashcard and dialogue line throughout Yoyo Chinese with even more helpful insight into the language
  • Improved customization of daily goals and study schedules
  • More ways to interact with the community to share and practice your Chinese with other Yoyo Chinese students
  • Live teacher services for speaking and pronunciation practice
  • More Yoyo Chinese-led trips to China for in-person travel and language practice (our pilot program in 2019 was incredible and we can't wait to go back!)


What About My Existing Courses - Will I Keep My Lifetime Access?

  • Yes! The courses you've already purchased on Yoyo Chinese for lifetime access will remain on your account with lifetime access on the new Yoyo Chinese exactly as they would have on the old Yoyo Chinese - guaranteed. :) In fact, with all the new features they are even better now than they were when you purchased them!

So the New Lifetime Access Really Includes FUTURE Courses Too??

  • That's right! The new lifetime access includes future courses as they are released and is a simplified and improved version of our old Six Course Bundle deal. If you already own a few courses and aren't sure if purchasing the new Lifetime Access is the best choice for you, you can consider subscribing for full access and/or reaching out to us about your options for upgrading.

My Courses, Lesson Progress, and/or Study Stats Aren't Correct - What Should I Do?

  • Your account info and all purchases should have migrated over to the new site when you when you first logged in - but if any of your purchases, completed lessons, study stats, etc. aren't showing up correctly just yet, first try using the Migration Tools in your My Account page. And if those don't work, you can reach out to us and we'll get you sorted for sure.

Can I Still Access the Old Site?

  • Yep! For the time being, you can continue to access the the old site by heading to https://legacy.yoyochinese.com and logging in like normal. Other than the Store, the entire site should work as normal and you may continue to use it until we take it offline in the near-ish future. If you need to remigrate lessons you complete on the old site, you can do so using the Migration Tools.

Where Are the Grammar and Learning Tips video series?

  • The Grammar and Learning Tips video series are currently only available on the old https://legacy.yoyochinese.com site, but they will be available on the new site in near future and before the old site is no longer available.
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