Study Stats

All about the Study Stats section found in the Me sidebar.
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Study Stats

In the Study Stats section of your Me sidebar you'll find some fun statistics related to your progress throughout the lessons and activity on Yoyo Chinese.

Best Streak

  • Your 'Best Streak' is the longest Study Streak you've achieved with your account in days.

Lessons Completed

  • Lessons completed is the total number of unique lessons that you've completed on Yoyo Chinese. Completing a lesson is measured by completing the Quiz for that lesson.
  • You can unfold the Lessons Completed section to see how many lessons you've completed within each course.

Gold Medals Earned

  • Gold Medals Earned is the total number of gold medals you've earned by getting a perfect 10/10 score on a lesson's quiz.
  • Like with Lessons Completed you can also unfold the section to see where you still have some gold medals to earn.

Flashcards Mastered

  • Flashcards Mastered is the total number of flashcards you've mastered using the Flashcards tool in the Mastery section.
  • There are a lot of flashcards on Yoyo Chinese so don't expect this number to go up too quickly - but remember you can also check out the Flashcards tool to see more details about your flashcard mastery progress.

More to Come...

We plan on introducing more study stats in the future so keep an eye out for updates! 

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