What Is 'Lifetime Access' to Yoyo Chinese Exactly?
What Does Lifetime Access Include?
What Doesn't Lifetime Access Include?
Pricing & How to Get Lifetime Access
Subscribing to Yoyo Chinese

Upgrading from a Subscription to Lifetime Access
Canceling Your Subscription

What Is 'Lifetime Access' to Yoyo Chinese Exactly?

The 'lifetime' in lifetime access means lifetime access to your account on YoyoChinese.com for the entire The 'lifetime' in lifetime access meanslifetime of Yoyo Chinese as a business and not your individual lifetime.

In other words, as long as Yoyo Chinese is operating as business and the website/app is available for use, you will have access to your Yoyo account without needing to pay a recurring subscription fee and according to the access terms outlined here and elsewhere on Yoyo Chinese.

The 'access' in lifetime access means access to your account and the stipulated video content and web/app features on YoyoChinese.com (and/or any mobile app version of YoyoChinese.com).

What Does Lifetime Access Include?

Video Content

  • All Videos Lessons in Any Courses in the Learn section at Time of Purchase

    • At time of writing, there are 6 Courses in the Learn section, each listed below:

      • Beginner Conversational Chinese

      • Intermediate Conversational Chinese

      • Upper Intermediate Conversational Chinese

      • Chinese Characters I

      • Chinese Characters II

      • Chinese Character Reader

  • Future Courses Released After Purchase

    • Like the upcoming Advanced Conversational Chinese course.

  • Important Notes

    • 'Access' to video content does not include the implicit ability or legal right to download any of the content listed here without prior and explicit permission from Yoyo Chinese (though Yoyo Chinese may make this option available in the future)

    • Though it has never happened, Yoyo Chinese reserves the right to remove video content from YoyoChinese.com and is not obligated to provide these lesson files outside of the terms of access.

Web/App Features

  • All Practice & Quiz Features Found in the Learn Section

    • At time or writing, the following practice & quiz features can be found in Learn:

      • Flashcards

      • Pinyin

      • Audio (Review)

      • Dialogue (Review)

      • (Lecture) Notes

      • Quiz

  • All (Non-Service*) Tools & Features in the Mastery Section

    • At time of writing the following tools & features can be found in the Mastery section:

      • Flashcards

      • Pinyin Chart

      • Download Center

        • Including the ability to download any file offered in the Download Center

What Doesn't Lifetime Access Include?

Lifetime access to Yoyo Chinese does not include:

  • Free access to any optional paid services, content, or features that Yoyo Chinese may offer outside of the content and features listed here. For example, paying for access to a live human teacher for text, audio, video lessons and/or trips to China, etc.

Pricing & How to Get Lifetime Access

As you can see in our Pricing page, there are currently two ways to pay for Lifetime Access to Yoyo Chinese.

  1. Make a one-time payment and unlock Lifetime Access immediately

  2. Or subscribe and unlock Lifetime Access over 24 months of consecutive subscription

Subscribing to Yoyo Chinese

Like most subscriptions, a subscription on Yoyo Chinese means a recurring payment.

If you subscribe to the Monthly plan for example, your credit card (or preferred payment method) will be automatically charged each month, and at the rate/price at which you subscribed with when you subscribed.

The 6 Months plan will result in recurring payment every six months, and likewise the 12 Months plan is billed ever twelve months.

However, unlike most other online subscription services - Yoyo Chinese subscriptions do not recur forever. 😊 Instead...

After being a subscriber for 24 consecutive* months, regardless of which billing plan(s) you are subscribed to, you will unlock lifetime access to Yoyo Chinese automatically and at no extra charge.

In other words, your subscription will end and you will not be billed again! 🎉

*Consecutive here means that if you cancel your membership then resubscribe later: you will lose the progress towards your 24 months.

In terms of payments, for the Monthly plan this means after your 24th payment, you will unlock lifetime access. For the 6 Months plan you will unlock lifetime access after 4th payment. And for the 12 months plan you will unlock lifetime access after your 2nd payment.

Upgrading from a Subscription to Lifetime Access

If you're wondering if you can upgrade from a subscription to lifetime access, yes! Any time! And in fact, at Yoyo Chinese we frequently surprise our users with really great upgrade deals - so keep an eye out for that! 😊

When you upgrade from a subscription to lifetime access with a one-time payment your current subscription plan will automatically cancel and will not renew at the next scheduled renewal date.

Please note, unused time on your subscription plan cannot be applied to your upgrade purchase, but if you would like to upgrade and price is a consideration please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your membership details and purchasing options!

To upgrade your subscription to a lifetime access plan, go to Pricing or the Membership Information section of your My Account page and click Upgrade!

Canceling Your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription to Yoyo Chinese anytime.

To cancel your subscription go to the Membership Information section of your My Account page and click Cancel.

If you cancel your subscription, you're account will remain active until the final day of your subscription plan.

Once canceled:

  • You will no longer have access to premium content and features

  • You will lose your progress towards unlocking lifetime access after 254 months of subscription

  • However, your lesson progress, study stats, and all other data related to your account will remain intact so if you ever decide to subscribe again, you can pick up right where you left off. :)

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